‘Yes, she thought, laying down her brush in extreme fatigue: I have had my vision.’ – Virginia Woolf (To the Lighthouse, 1927)

Nicotiana Magazine was founded in 2017 with the belief that while the consumption of art is highly subjective, the quality of art is not. Rather than place an emphasis on a specific aesthetic, the magazine aims to showcase a variety of works linked only by the skill with which they’re written. Stories affect and enlighten in many ways, but often there is only one way to reach perfection within the framework of their style and scope. This perfection, varying from piece to piece, is what we’re most eager to discover.

In response to the transient nature of digital media (read: the Internet), we aim to make Nicotiana a place for writers to exhibit their work, and for readers to enjoy that work, with the permanency typically reserved only for print. While the editors can make no guesses or guarantees as to how long the magazine will take on new submissions, we can promise that the site will remain online and accessible far into the future. In this and other respects, we strive to be as close to print magazines as possible, and hope to become an obvious choice for those who believe in the lasting appeal of their work.

Nicotiana is apolitical. While the editors, like everyone else, have their own political ideas, and while we actively seek pieces with a political edge, the magazine itself is not intended to curate material pertaining to any specific ideology or worldview. To that end, writers and readers should expect to see work featured alongside potentially conflicting pieces, as and when they’re published. We appraise work based on their individual quality, not how well they might gel with others.

Finally, the editors of Nicotiana occasionally use the magazine to exhibit their own work. Familiarity with this work is in no way necessary for writers looking to submit to Nicotiana.

Nicotiana Magazine is currently edited by:

  • Hasen Hull
  • Arthur Krohin